Courageous expansion for hybrid working, meet Holly & Janina.

Holly and Janina join Courageous Co. to help clients reconnect and reunite

There’s a new conversation with clients happening at Courageous Co. HQ – it’s about how and when we can bring people together meaningfully in the virtual, hybrid and physical worlds in ways they have never tried before. There’s an excitement to meet face to face again, to establish new ways of working, to truly explain strategy so it means something on an everyday basis and to inspire optimism for the future. 


We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of two new members to our Courageous Co. team to help our clients. We can’t wait for you to meet Holly Banham, our Client Experience & Marketing Manager and Janina Shatz, our Client Delivery & Operations Manager. Read on to find out more…


Equipping you to reunite & re-energise your people 

The dawn of what we are calling ‘Reunification’ is on the horizon. The leadership imperative will be to align organisational energy, people and culture to your vision, strategy and processes as we move towards ‘hybrid working’ in the months ahead. We are building our team to equip you as leaders for the new challenges and opportunities that are starting to appear. We do this with not one, but two new members of staff to tackle different sides of the coin: more creative ways of engaging and operational efficiency.


With a background in Event Management and International Marketing across different industries,  Holly comes to us with almost a decade of experience in turning ‘meetings’ into meaningful moments to connect, develop relationships, create new conversations and discover new opportunities. We see the process of ‘Reunification’ as a series of virtual, hybrid and in-person meetings, conversations and offsites, curated specifically to get your people where you need them to be. 


Whether a one-hour meeting, half-day or three-day offsite, Holly will help you to visualise, design and implement experiences that support the execution of your strategy, the deepening of your culture and the development of your leaders. She is inquisitive and enthusiastic, with a determination to always reach the best outcome you need no matter how challenging the task.  Learn more about Holly and get in touch here.


We know what it takes to convene offsites and most of it goes on behind the scenes. Having delivered many already for clients, alongside our consulting and professional development, we are excited that Janina will now help you too. 


A qualified lawyer, Janina has a diverse career in law, HR and operations, having worked in professional services and corporate organisations for fifteen years. Bringing her own client facing experience, together with operations management, she will support client programme delivery while also ensuring that Courageous Co. is an efficient and productively-run business. 


Janina is meticulous, analytical and loves the feeling of getting a project over the finish line. She knows that your experience of working with us is not just in the work we deliver, but how we deliver it. Learn more about Janina and get in touch here.


Get ready to experiment and dial up engagement

We will look back at 2021 and be blown away by the opportunity we had to reimagine organisational life – ways of working, thinking, behaving and collaborating. Never has there been greater freedom to adapt and experiment in all of these areas. And, never has there been a moment to shift your own leadership style in service of your people.


We have all settled into new routines with productivity at an all-time high and wellbeing at an all-time low. Hybrid working will create new challenges for leaders – how to get the communication mix right, sustain trust, respect flexibility, manage productivity, drive innovation, sustain morale and uphold corporate culture fit for a distributed workforce. 


We thrive on challenge and are already reinventing traditional communication moments. We’re enabling leaders to take soundings from the most front-line workers to drive innovation and establish individual ownership. We’re finding new ways to integrate teams and people who have never met in person and form relationships to work together in pursuit of the corporate vision.  And yes, we do it in our own unique way of incorporating movement of the body alongside traditional leadership consulting to get you quicker results. It also raises the energy during what can be quite intense periods!


If you are interested in our approach or want to chat about how to increase engagement, move and reunite with your team, get in touch here and do connect with our new Courageous team members on Linkedin: Holly and Janina.