• Organisational dynamics and development
  • Executive, leadership and team coaching
  • Organisational change and team performance
  • People strategy and culture
  • Employee engagement


I have over 25 years of experience in organisational performance, team dynamics, behavioural change and executive coaching. I have worked within FTSE 100 businesses running operational teams, developing strategy, managing change initiatives and improving client experience. I have also coached those leading and managing teams to deliver strategic goals and embed high performing cultures.

My experience enables me to bring a deep understanding of what it truly takes to improve team performance. I assess the foundational behaviours, mindsets and habits a team may need to shift to ultimately improve relationships and results. Above all, I hold space for people to discover new perspectives for themselves, reflecting back what I am experiencing until they reach new-found potential.

I am deeply passionate about working both with leaders and their teams. Having worked as a business leader and as an internal organisational development consultant, I appreciate the importance of true partnership, open communication and creating the space for everyone to contribute so that collectively we can effect real change.



I am fascinated with human behaviour and what happens when people come together. You will find me connecting, collaborating and joining the dots between you, your people and the wider system. I will relate whatever’s going on to the culture, organisational dynamics and the bigger picture.

I will bring clarity, insight, energy and focus into our collaborative work together. Expect me to challenge your thinking to understand what’s really going on underneath the surface so we can bring forward what’s needed.



“Max helped me see through the complexity and dynamics at play. Working with her, I was able to bring the picture into focus and understand what was really going on. I uncovered what was needed more clearly, and can now access the energy to get moving.”

“Team time with Max is enjoyable – and hard work! We move dynamically and learn whilst we are doing it. We laugh, we disagree, and sometimes we even cry. It’s real-time team learning in action.”