• Leadership, team and board coaching
  • Creating purpose-driven organisations
  • Change management
  • Creating cultures that align to strategy
  • Advancing the DEI agenda



My career has been rooted in organisational psychology and behaviour for over eighteen years, living and working in different countries. I have worked with leadership teams and boards across sectors and geographies, helping them align their leadership and culture to their strategy and purpose. I have learned to appreciate the diversity in dynamics between people and processes in different environments.

I am comfortable asking the difficult questions and creating the conditions for the highest quality conversations. I have thrived on unearthing the inner workings of human dynamics in the fast-paced, unpredictable, chaotic context we operate in to enable peak performance. I ensure leaders and teams improve their decision-making skills, address the root cause of issues and solve problems.

I blend my experience in Organisational and Social Psychology, mentoring and coaching to enable teams to adapt, be nimble, improve efficiency and achieve better results. I love seeing people open up to new possibilities!



Expect me to equip you to come to challenging conversations and situations with a strong sense of purpose. I will structure coaching sessions, team workshops, leadership development and transformation programmes so that openness and honesty are intrinsic to how you resolve a way forward to the outcomes you really want.

I always come without judgment and offer an objective perspective on the issue at hand. You will come to know me as the voice for what isn’t being said, a reflector and a mirror. I will bring the energy, intuition, planning and creativity to open your mind to new ways of thinking and working. Together, we will work with metaphor, movement of the body and a range of models to get you and your team where you need to be.



“Jacqui is never afraid to call it out, challenge and ask the difficult questions. It always gets the brain thinking and no doubt that my better ideas have come from being given this greater awareness.”

“Jacqui approaches complex work with tremendous empathy, intuition, and insight. She’s able to draw in various people’s viewpoints to create an inclusive and expansive conversation.

“Jacqui has commendable patience and great ability to ease into a comfortable conversation such that it never feels transactional. Thanks to Jacqui, I am better able to connect with my colleagues and external stakeholders to drive better outcomes personally and professionally.”