• Leadership and team coaching
  • Team performance
  • Developing centres of excellence
  • Strategic planning
  • Enabling personal leadership growth


With a background as a Chartered Accountant, my career has covered two decades working in one of the biggest global Accountancy firms and in a FTSE 100 organisation.  Whether distilling complex issues, managing conflict, assessing risk, making tough judgment calls, providing strategic business advice or building centres of excellence, I would always consider the impact on people as well as commercial outcomes. Having led teams and facilitated global programmes, I am comfortable working and communicating with stakeholders of all seniorities, in any part of the world and equipping them to make decisions, no matter the difficulty.

Given my experience, I can empathise with the high pressures and different working environments that leaders need to cut through to drive performance. I transitioned to a career as a Leadership and Team Coach to support leaders who want to improve their own impact and the effectiveness of their teams, without compromising on the wellbeing that can often get overlooked.

I am based in New York and enjoy working with leaders and teams who value seeing things from different perspectives so they can make the best choices possible.



Expect to feel that I am truly listening to what is being said and to appreciate the importance of context in all situations. I come without judgment and create environments that feel both supportive and challenging. I will flex my style to your needs, and will always equip you and your teams to build stronger relationships and work smarter.

Where relevant, I will draw on my personal experiences to help me understand your motivations and work with you to overcome whatever challenges stand in the way of your ambitions.



From Amanda’s sessions, I have been able to move through what I felt was an impossible situation to have a really positive outcome.”

 By actively listening to what I was saying, as well as what was unsaid, Amanda struck the right balance between letting me work through certain areas and interjecting to challenge my thinking or offer a different perspective.”

Amanda has a wealth of experience and passion for coaching people facing challenges in the workplace – she uses powerful questions and probes to help facilitate new thinking.”