• Communication and culture change
  • Team working strategies
  • Mindset and behaviour change
  • Resilience and wellness
  • Enabling personal leadership growth


I have performed at the highest level in sport, as a professional athlete and in Rugby Union, and I currently represent Great Britain in Cycling in my age group. Over the last twenty years, I have developed a unique approach to coaching the human being, not the human body, drawing on sport psychology, leadership, health and fitness, nutrition and creating rituals.  I have worked with athletes, National Governing Bodies and senior corporate executives to support their goals for successful and resilient performance. I am also a thought leader and speaker in a number of areas. 

Many years ago, I crossed into the corporate world as an entrepreneur, sold my own business and still lead multiple education teams to introduce new practices in the fitness industry. I now combine the philosophies, lessons and best practices of the sporting, fitness and health industries into programmes to develop corporate leaders. The gains that individuals and teams make can be profound, and it’s a privilege to be part of their growth.



I understand how hard you will have to work to stretch yourself as a leader, where others will be inspired by you, want to follow you, and where you will feel proud. I will help you create purpose and energy, so that you get the best out of your teams.

I will help you make choices that you can execute with intentionality and remain accountable for, to yourself and to your people. You will learn how to appreciate what makes you brilliant already and how to endure in a sustainable leadership role. You will have the courage to do things differently as a result of our programmes together.



“Creating physical challenges in every session, Adam inspires and embeds the will to succeed, constantly reinforcing my confidence in my performance.  Looking back on my years in business, I can see that his expertise in health and performance would have been a useful ally in developing potential leaders, perhaps an area where businesses fail to concentrate.” 

“Adam has an incredible talent and track record in creating transformations and coaching change when working with individuals and teams. He’s also an incredibly experienced businessman who very much knows how to work with both the hearts and heads of his clients.”