We are helping global organisations create new opportunities and deal with challenges presented by Covid-19.

Distributed working vs remote working

The only constant is change. Uncertainty will remain and organisations are adopting a ‘Distributed Working’ model (as opposed to a remote working model). The following will be crucial to enable businesses to adapt, grow and thrive:

  • Corporate purpose and culture needs clarity and  reinforcing consistently. 
  • Team cohesion & energy will need investment of time, ideas and creativity to enable efficient collaboration.
  • Coaching vs managing will need to become the norm as people work more autonomously.
  • Filling in the gaps for lost interaction, creativity and learning will make a significant difference to individual contribution and collective success.
  • Morale, self belief, resilience and motivation will need to be constantly supported.
  • Recruitment, onboarding and people development will be reimagined.

There’s no rule book or play book – we are here to help you adapt and create new possibilities.

Get in touch if you need immediate virtual support for your leadership and organisation. We can provide support across a range of formats and channels.

We  can deliver sessions on the following different aspects of leadership:

  • Leading Distributed Teams 
  • Creating Team Cohesion, Engagement & Community
  • Learning to Self-Lead
  • The Leader Coach
  • Manage the Mental Well Being of Your Team 
  • Be CEO of Your Resilience
  • Mental Health for Leaders

These can be delivered virtually for unlimited numbers globally.  We can also create tailored virtual workshops and programmes in other areas to meet your needs.